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Ticket information about the game against Kisvárda Master Good
2019. március 12. - ujpestfc.hu
Ticket sales related information and lambrequins related information are available for our fans in connection the Újpest FC – Kisvárda Master Good game.

Pre-emption ticket sales at the cash desks at MEGYERI road (number 3 and 4 cash desks):

14th of March, Thursday: 17.00-20.00

15th of March, Friday: 17.00-20.00

16th of March, Saturday from 13.00 there will be 4 cash desks (number 14 at Mildenberger street, furthermore number 2, 4 and 7 windows at Megyeri road)

All of our cash desk will be open 1.5  hours before the game starts, from 15.30 and wait four our purple-white fans to buy their ticket for the match against Kisvárda Master Good.

For this game, you do not need personal ID or other official document to buy ticket personally.This means also, that you can buy ticket for the game online without club card as well. The online ticket is available on the following website: meccsjegy.mlsz.hu.

You can buy your ticket at Viszlay Sport! (further details available HERE)

1042 Budapest Árpád út 64.

Opening hours:

M-F: 10.00-17.00

Sat: 10.00-12.00

We would like to draw our fans’ attention that similarly like last years the PRE-EMPTION ticket purchase is possible only ON THE DAYS BEFORE THE GAME. In accordance with the above ON GAME DAY, the tickets will be sold at the cash desks on FULL PRICE.

On the dates above, you can buy club card also at the 4th cash desk at Megyeri road (on Saturday at the 14th cash desk at Mildenberger street also) and you can buy season ticket (for the 2018/2019 season) at the appointed cash desks during the opening hours. 

We would like to make faster our services for our fans, who have club card, therefore they could buy their ticket on match day at the cash desk number 12 at Mildenberger street and number 2 and 8 cash desks at Megyeri road. Besides the ticket purchase it is worth to see the titles at the gates during the entrance, if you see the “for club card owners” title, you can go inside the stadium there faster (of course, you can use, the “simple” gates as well to go inside).

Here are the valid ticket prices and sectors for the game against Kisvárda Master Good:


On the spot

Online/ Pre-emption

D sector

1 200 HUF

600 HUF

B terrace

1 600 HUF

800 HUF

B terrace family ticket*

2 000 HUF


A terrace

2 000 HUF

1 000 HUF

A terrace family ticket

2 000 HUF



2 400 HUF

1 200 HUF

Guest ticket

 1 200 HUF


*In case of only personal ticket purchase for two adults and two under 18 years old guests

Under 14 years and above 65 years the club provides free of charge special technical tickets (you need to ask the technical ticket).

Information for fans regarding lambrequins

We would like to ask our fanatics to send their ideas until Friday lunch time (12.00, 15th of March) to the following e-mail address: biztonsag@ujpestfc.hu. Our professional staff could give permission regarding the lambrequins.




#21 Balázs Benjamin