#99 Lukács Dániel
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We will play a training match on Friday
2019. március 19. - ujpestfc.hu
Our team is going to play a friendly game against a second division team, which is on the podium at the championship table.

On 22nd of March, Friday from 12.00 at Szusza Ferenc Stadium we will host team Gyirmót to play a preparation game against them.

The previous NB I related team fights at the moment again to be a first division team, and they are on the 2nd position at the Merkantil Bank League after 29 rounds.

The game will be open for everybody, fans can enter the stadium at Megyeri road gate number I, and A terrace left will be open for the fans.

The event will be free, and a buffet will be here open for our fans as well on Friday.

We do not broadcast the match live, at the same time we will publish later a summarization article about the 90 minutes, and we are going to upload the game to our official YouTube site later.

Let’s go purples!




#99 Lukács Dániel