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Kisvárda Master Good - Újpest FC
2019. augusztus 24. 18:00

2019. augusztus 24. 18:00

On the road to the pitch
2019. április 11. - ujpestfc.hu
Fresh report about the condition of our injured players.

Obinna Nwobodo was substituted on the game against Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC at the 12th minute on the weekend because he was not able to continue the game. Our number 6th player’s four-headed thigh muscle was injured (left leg), therefore he cannot play on this Saturday against Mol Vidi FC. Our rapid footballer recovers usually faster than the average, therefore he can maybe on the pitch in two weeks, if everything is going well.

Krisztián Simon also cannot play on Saturday because our excellent footballer has a smaller injury at his right thigh. Our number 7th player trains separately on this week, but on the next week he could be with the team again and could do full training work.

We wish the guys fast recovery, let’s go purples!




#21 Balázs Benjamin