#21 Balázs Benjamin
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Kisvárda Master Good - Újpest FC
2019. augusztus 24. 18:00

2019. augusztus 24. 18:00

The capital city derby ended with a draw
2019. április 23. - ujpestfc.hu
There was not any score at the game against Budapest Honvéd.

“I can be happy after this kind of game we did not lose the match, because with this game we should have been lost. We lost too many duels at our offenses; we gave easy balls to our opponent. I did not expect too many goals on the game, at the same time we made only a few chances during the 90 minutes, we tried to fix things individually, and with that you cannot be effective” – evaluated the game our head coach, Vignjevic Nebojsa.

Our club wishes happy birthday to our official photographer, Zsolt Réti, who celebrated his 51st birthday on Friday!




#21 Balázs Benjamin