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2019. szeptember 28. 19:30

2019. szeptember 28. 19:30

Let’s go to the national team!
2019. május 16. -
Our number 10th player got invitation to the Hungarian national team’s big squad.

We proudly and happily announce that Rossi Marco national team head coach counts on Donát Zsótér as one of the 32 members of the team, where our excellent footballer can prepare for the following two European qualification matches (8th of June against Azerbaijan and 11th of June against Wales).

Our 23 years old player said the following after the good news: “Tell the truth it surprised me a little bit, but it is a really great feeling because I have not been ever in the team. It is a really big honor and pleasure for me I can be in the big squad, because it is definitely a step forward for me. I would be much happier if I could stay after the captain published the smaller team, but if is not happen, I would not be sad, because now it is a huge thing for me.

For a footballer or for an athlete is the biggest acknowledgement if he or she can represent his/her country and takes on the national color jersey”.

Congratulations Donát and we hope you can be in the smaller squad as well!