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2020. augusztus 15. 16:30

2020. augusztus 15. 16:30


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We introduced our new jerseys!
2019. július 26. - ujpestfc.hu
We organized a press lunch at our stadium, where we talked about the pitch, the crest, Traoré and of course, about the team as well.

It is a great pleasure for us to announce our club signed a long-term partnership with PUMA and Top4Football companies!!!

Our team is going to play its home matches in purple-white stripes jersey as usual, and these PUMA jerseys were designed and produced only for us based on unique plans. Besides the jerseys Top4Football provides to us also the other accessories of the team with together PUMA as two main sponsors of Újpest FC, included the balls, which will be used at our home games, which balls type is the same, the balls use at La Liga in Spain. Besides the first team PUMA transports the necessary equipment to the youth teams.


The mining company, which transports the best quality soil to us, had a technical problem, therefore they can transport much less quantity based on the planned quantity, therefore we modified the grass seed sowing date to 15th of August. After the sowing the grass needs 12-20 weeks to be ready for usage.

If we calculate with the dates above, in that case it is a real scenario, take into consideration we would like to make a good pitch, to play at home again next time in 2020, in February against Mol Fehérvár FC. In the November-December period it is going to be only two championship games, which would be at Illovszky Stadium.


Our club, as we answered first to the fans in connection that, is still open for the negotiations about the crest with UTE. We still wait UTE answer after our first meeting, which was on 12th of July.


The current squad needs further reinforcements, based on our plans more footballers could arrive to the team, more players are at the moment here, as a test players (we will share information about them later), therefore there is a real chance to make bigger the current reliable and stable squad.


We follow the usual protocol in that case, we did the necessary legal steps in connection the player and his agent as well. He had time until last Monday to answer, but he did not do that and did not react to our letters, he just sent us messages through his agents. We tried to reach him in every possible communication way, we sent him Hungarian, English and even French messages to come to train. After the second deadline regarding his lack of answer we contacted FIFA.

We hope at the end it is going to be a good solution for both parties, which will be at least partly good for us. At this moment I do not have a clue, when can we finish this case with him.




#7 Simon Krisztián