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2020. augusztus 15. 16:30

2020. augusztus 15. 16:30


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Official statement
2019. július 30. - ujpestfc.hu
Our club’s approach regarding the crest question.

The Újpest supporters and UTE requested a dialogue between Újpest Football Club and UTE to settle certain issues between us, amongst other the logo issue.

We have entered this dialogue with an open and constructive attitude. We clearly outlined our proposals, how we see the future of football in Újpest.

Despite our request to keep the dialogue constructive and between parties, we notice that UTE writes press releases instead of regular letters or emails.

This way of dialogue is not constructive and will only lead away of finding solutions.

After thorough deliberation, based on facts, what and how UTE is communicating, we believe that the intentions of UTE are not to find a solution, but use this opportunity for other purposes.

Purposes to which we can only guess of course.

We would like to request UTE to follow the path which they said they would follow: organise their general meeting, discuss our proposals. The feedback of this general meeting, can then be sent via email our regular post to us.

If the only discussions regarding the matter will be via media, we will conclude that they are not looking for a solution, and then we can safely end these discussions once and for all.

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#49 Pauljevic Branko