Újpest FC - MOL Fehérvár FC
2020. február 1. 17:00

2020. február 1. 17:00

On Saturday we will meet with DVTK
2019. november 20. - ujpestfc.hu
Ticket sale related information is available for our fans in connection the following OTP Bank League 13th round game: Újpest FC – Diósgyőri VTK

Pre-emption ticket sales at the cash desk at Megyeri road (number 1):

On the 21th of November, Thursday: 17.00-20.00

On the 22th of November, Friday: 17.00-20.00

Club card or personal data is not obligatory to buy ticket not just online, but also in the case of personal ticket purchase. Online ticket purchase is available on meccsjegy.mlsz.hu website.

Saturday, November 23 from 15.30 cash desks will be opened at Illovszky Rudolf Stadium.

All cash desks will be opened from 18.00 and wait our purple-white fans to buy their ticket for the match against DVTK.

Also you can buy your tickets at Viszlay Sport (1042 Budapest Árpád road 64.), further details available HERE!

We draw our fans attention that similarly like last years the pre-empition ticket purchase is possible only on the days before the game. In accordance with above, on game day, the tickets will be sold at the cash desks on full price.

On the mentioned dates, club cards and season tickets will be sold as well at Megyeri road and on the match day in the signed cash desks during the opening hours at Illovszky Rudolf Stadium.

For faster service our fans with club card will have a chance to buy their tickets on the mach day at marked cash desks. Next to the ticket purchase club card can help in the faster entry to the stadium as well. Gates with “for club card owners” title, only club card owners can go inside to the stadium but of course, “simple” gates are available.


Here are the valid ticket prices and sectors for the game against Diósgyőr in Illovszky Rudolf Stadium:


 On the spot 

 Online/ Pre-emption

C sector

 1 700 HUF

 1 000 HUF

B terrace

 2 100 HUF

 1 200 HUF

A terrace

 2 200 HUF

 1 300 HUF

Guest ticket (D)  

 1 700 HUF

 1 000 HUF


Under 18 years and above 65 years the club provides free of charge tickets, but you need to ask a special technical tickets at the entry.

We would like to draw the attention of the fans to the fact that Fáy Street will be closed from Béke Street by the police, from this point only the visitor fans can reach the stadium and their seats.

Our fans, who come to the match by tram 14, please get off at the Fiastyúk street, walk along the Rákos-stream behind the training ground, turn to Hajdú street and walk to the entrance gates.

Our purple-and-white fans arriving by the M3 subway get off at the Forgách street metro station, walk alongon Forgách street till Hajdú street and approach the stadium from there.

Our fans who bought tickets to sector A1 can enter to the stadium on the gate 1 and those who bought their tickets to A2 can enter on the gate 2 respectively.

Section C is accessible via gate 3, while sector B is accessible via gate 4 and gate 5.

Visitor fans (Sector D) can take their seats through gate 6 from Fáy Street.

Disable persons will be able to enter to the tribune on gate 1 while visitor fans can enter on gate 6 (Parking for visitors is available in Fáy Street and Csizma Street).

Fans are invited to submit their ideas till Friday noon (November 22th) at biztonsag@ujpestfc.hu, thus molinos and lambrequins can be approved by our club security professionals.