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2020. február 1. 17:00

2020. február 1. 17:00

The Allure of Numbers Round 14
2019. december 9. - ujpestfc.hu
It’s Fece’s party: he’s got eight!

As we regularly do, we start the „cherry-picking” from all the stats of the latest round. But before going into detail, let’s stop for a moment to note one of the figures of the ongoing National League: thanks to his two goals scored last weekend, Róbert Feczesin took the lead in the marksmen’s ranking! In the current season he has already scored eight times in our opponents’ goal.


Now let’s see the details of round 14. According to InStat-index our top scorer had the fifth best performance of the field, which makes us wonder why our striker has not been selected for the round’s Dream Team. As a compensation, we can find Branco in this week’s Dream Team after having scored a bombastic goal from the corner of the goal area. Nothing can demonstrate better the team’s offensive play of last Saturday than the four goals themselves, but also the top spot of Obinna in the category of successful dribblings and the third spot of our undestroyable midfielder, Sankovic, for the successful attacking passes prove the efficiency of the offensive strategy.

Considering only our game, it’s logical that the top performers in the above-mentioned categories also reached the aggregated top 5 of all the six games. The InStat-index shows that we got all the places on the podium, that is to say gold to Fece, silver to Pauljevic and bronze to Sankovic. By the way Bojan, in order to get the whole picture we need to mention his first spot also for the successful passes, followed by four of his teammates, Pauljevic, Burekovic, Heris and Ristevski. It means that none of the players of Paks managed to get in the top 5. For the attacking passes we can find a similar situation: the name of the round’s bronz medalist is followed by Burekovic, Zsótér and Pauljevic. Overall, both for the teams and the players stats we managed to get the better of Paksi FC in the Fehérvári road stadium.