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Zalaegerszeg, Zalaegerszegi Városi Stadion, 2017. February 11. 14:00

Zalaegerszeg, Zalaegerszegi Városi Stadion
2017. February 11. 14:00


Zoltán Kovács: We are going to Cyprus in the middle of a hard preparation

Our goalkeeper played three years there, therefore we asked him a couple of days before the departure to talk about it a little bit, but at the end of the interview we talked about the aims regarding the spring season.

Bardhi Enis in the sky

He was the only one from Hungary, who was chosen to the European elite.

Our young goalkeeper was the guest at Reggeli Start

Pál Szombathy anchorman asked Dávid Banai about his saves, the training camp, the spring season and about his opportunities.

All about the players

This time Tibor Nagy, János Lázok, Heris Jonathan and Sankovic Bojan talked us about their condition. Same like yesterday, they said good news.

Diarra also arrived

Our talented midfielder joined to the others and he prepares himself with together the team for the spring season.

Our professional staff got a new member

Our trainer group strengthened with Rogan Predrag.

All about of our players

Dávid Kis-Kálnoki, Hazard Kylian and Angelov Viktor talked us about their injuries and about their current condition. We got good news from them.

It is always good a jacket

Our club joined to the national initiation.

Program of the week

The preparation continues this week, our players have two trainings per day.

We asked a goalkeeper and a striker

Our team started its preparation for the spring season almost one week ago. Dávid Banai and Andric Nemanja talked about the winter holiday, the trainings and about the future to our webpage.




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