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Budapest Honvéd - Újpest FC

Új Hidegkuti Nándor Stadion, 2018. December 15. 19:30

Új Hidegkuti Nándor Stadion
2018. December 15. 19:30


Let’s go to Turkey!

We asked our master, Vignjevic Nebojsa about the training camp of our team, which will start on 27th of January.

Reinforcement has arrived from the Serbian first league

Or club transferred a new player, Burekovic Dzenan.

Soma Novothny is getting ready to break a record

We talked our striker about his scores in the autumn season, but we also found out, which score is our 23 years old player’s favorite.

Nothing can depend on the fitness level

We asked our fitness coach, Bogicevic Milos.

Donát Zsótér: We could base our fitness level now

We talked our player about the comeback from the winter break, the process of the preparation, furthermore about the training camp in Turkey.

Three goalkeepers remain from four

The experienced goalkeeper after the long purple-white years transfers to another team.

Bardhi Enis’s price extremely increased

We could be proud of our previous player with a reason, and it is sure, that for him, Levante won’t be the last big team.

They are back!

After one month break our players started their preparation for the spring season of the championships - photo gallery

Vignjevic Nebojsa: “The future starts with the tomorrow”

We asked our head coach about his to-do of the winter break, the preparation, the possible reinforcements and leavers, furthermore about Predrag Rogan.

Kristóf Németh got professional contract

Our young and talented footballer signed the first contract in his professional career.




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