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Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC - Újpest FC

Mezőkövesd Városi Stadion, 2017. September 23. 18:15

Mezőkövesd Városi Stadion
2017. September 23. 18:15


We got into Diósgyőr’s game

Nebojsa Vignjevic has evaluated our 1-1 draw.

Here comes the 103rd Újpest - DVTK championship game

We played 102 games against them; we won 45 matches, there were 18 losses and 39 draws from the previous 102 games.

Krisztián Simon: We have to start winning now

The holder of our jersey 7 has told us about his physical condition, as well as the fact that he is confident that tables will turn soon and the team will start earning three points.

Anton JönssonSalétros in purple-white

Our new player has arrived in Budapest on Tuesday, and he was not wasting any time, he went straight to practice.

We have signed a new player again

This time, our supporters have to memorize a new name on the left wing position.

Donát Zsótér tried to play without getting emotional

We have talked about last Saturday’s special derby and the upcoming clash against DVTK with our extremely fast striker.

Highlights: OTP Bank League (5.): Budapest Honvéd - Újpest FC: 2 - 1

You can watch the highlights of the championship related game on the Association’s Youtube channel.

Nebojsa Vignjevic: We cannot close the matches

Our Head Coach has evaluated our clash that we had lost from a winning position.

The 205th Honvéd-Újpest clash is coming

Our team is visiting Budapest Honvéd in the 5th round of the OTP Bank League.

Windecker does not fear the attackers of Honvéd

The holder of our jersey number 6 sees our team ready, determined and motivated, so he is sure that we go for the three points against Kispest.