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Mezőkövesd Zsóry FC - Újpest FC

Mezőkövesd Városi Stadion, 2018. May 27. 17:00

Mezőkövesd Városi Stadion
2018. May 27. 17:00


Our youth base becomes nicer and the construction is still not finished

Our young talents would not recognize soon our facility at Tábor street. Another pitch was done.

Cutie pies around the Stadium

The little kindergartners welcomed master Vignjevic with the "Let's go, Purples" acclamation.

There are a lot of purple-white mobiles!

Our fans’ enthusiasm is still undiminished in connection our great application.

The derby at Kispest ended with a rightful draw

We left the home of Budapest Honvéd with one point.

The 207th Honvéd - Újpest clash is coming

During the previous games there were 102 Újpest victories, 47 draws and 57 Kispest successes.

Obinna: I always enjoy being on the field!

We asked our winger who perform at the highest level for weeks.

The fanaticism does not know age limit at Újpest

The hospitality of our club got a great classification again.

A shame for the opposition goal!

Our head coach evaluated our 2-1 victory on the first part of the semifinal.

The aim is the final victory!

Tonight at 19:00 we playing against Balmaz Kamilla Gyógyfürdő in the semifinals of the Hungarian Cup.

László Fekete Junior regularly visits our home games

We talked with our previous excellence’s son, whose nick name is “Kis Fekusz”, about his purple-white feelings, the players related his father area and nowadays footballers, furthermore about his football school also.




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