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Ferencvárosi TC - Újpest FC

Groupama Aréna, 2018. September 29. 19:30

Groupama Aréna
2018. September 29. 19:30


There is almost a full house for Thursday!

If the fans continue the ticket purchase in this speed, in that case all of the tickets could be sold today.

After a tense match, we could only get one point from Szombathely

We were in the lead twice, but Haladás always equalized, so the game ended 2-2.

Here comes the 123th Szombathelyi Haladás - Újpest FC championship game

We won 72 times from the previous 121 games, there were 31 draw and Haladás won 19 times.

We gave our best in Sevilla

We played against a real top Spanish football club in the European League qualifier’s second round.

There is nothing else, just go forward!

It was the time, when Vignjevic Nebojsa could talk before the Sevilla FC – Újpest FC Europe League qualification game on the press conference. 

Expectations of Pablo Machín

The head coach of the team talked about the game on Thursday evening on the press conference of Sevilla FC.

The landing and the accommodation related activities went very-well in Sevilla

Our team arrived Spain smoothly and motivated.

Antal Dunai: We have to show that we exist

We asked our legend about the Europe League qualification, the memories of Sevilla and our game which will be on Thursday.

We’re off to an unsuccessful start of the season

We lost the match against MTK Budapest in a tense encounter.

Here comes the 215th Újpest - MTK championship game

Our team could win 81 times against MTK, we had 53 draws and we suffered 80 losses against the blue-white team.




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