#49 Branko Pauljevic
Birthday 1989. 06. 12.

News - Junior team

The silver medal shines as well!

Our second team closed an excellent season in the BLSZ I league.

Simon and Banai at Tábor street

Two players of our adult team visited the training of the U16 youth team.

Our youth section could be characterizing with the following words: development, endurance and hard work!

We talked with our leader, operative director and the professional leader of the youngest kids.

We visited the Silver Shoe Integrated Football Youth Tournament

Besides our U9 and U11 academia related kids Antal Dunai, Zoltán Böőr and Soma Novothny also participated at the event.

We started a cooperation with Kiskőrös Football Club

The youth basis of our club expands with a team from Alföld.

Our youth base becomes nicer and the construction is still not finished

Our young talents would not recognize soon our facility at Tábor street. Another pitch was done.

We organized a successful international tournament!

The fact that we got an invitation to Germany glorifies our club's organizing ability and our little players' attainments.

We organize an international youth tournament!

This is going to be the first Újpest and Dunakeszi for The Youth Football International Tournament.

Péter Víg about our youth base philosophy

We asked our youth base operational director about our unique youth system, its successes and about its future.

Zsolt Lőw came back home for a visit

The acknowledged field coach of RB Leipzig visited our club’s junior replacement basis, he talked with our young players and gave an exclusive interview to our website.

Unbeaten weekend at the junior teams

Our young talents’ balance is: 5 victories and 1 draw.

The results of our reserve teams

The weekend balance: 3 victories, 2 defeats and a draw.

Head coach: Hevér János
Contact 70-414-3493
Head coach: Orosz Ferenc
Contact 30-202-2101
Head coach Oroszi Benjámin
Contact 70-525-6085
Head coach Böde László
Contact 70-365-5819
Head coach Tábori Zoltán
Contact 20-347-9487
Head coach Sidó Szabolcs
Contact 20-359-5343
Head coach Weisz Tamás
Contact weisz.tamas@ujpestfc.hu
Head coach Csendom Kristóf
Contact 70-555-0760
Head coach Siposné Lénárt Edit
Contact 30-367-2517
Head coach Medgyes Péter
Contact 70-397-3746
Head coach Füle Antal
Contact 20-469-9931
Head coach Kovács Ervin
Contact 70-708-1886
Head coach Mundi Viktor
Contact 70-326-3791
Head coach Kiss Fanni
Contact 30-942-5900
Head coach Oroszi Sándor
Contact 20-465-5199
Operative director: Víg Péter
Head of department: Szabó György
U13-U7 Professional leader: Kiss Ferenc
Professional leader Oroszi Sándor
Technical leader: Magyari Balázs
Technical leader (women) Oroszi Benjámin
Scout Kajtár István
Coordinating coaches (U15-U19) Filkor Attila
Coordinating coaches (U14-U10,women) Kriska Gábor
Goalkeeper trainer (U14-U19) Pleskó László
Goalkeeper trainer (U7-U13) Szűcs László
Sports psychologist Bóna Kriszti
Physiotherapist Arbutina Lorand
Masseur Kovács Zoltán
Kit manager Papszász Dániel




#49 Branko Pauljevic