#5 Litauszki Róbert
Birthday 1990. 03. 15.

Ticketinfo - Price

Ticket information

Championhip games are divided into two categories, normal and top. For top category games, prices are higher, these games include Debrecen, DVTK, Ferencváros, Budapest Honvéd and Videoton home games.

Sale of season tickets for VIP seats and boxes still continues for three or even five games in a row, as well. If you are interested in VIP offers, please follow this link or write to vip@ujpestfc.hu.

If you are younger than 14 or above 65, a discount price ticket or pass is valid for HUF 200, if you purchase this you won't have to queue before the games.

Only pay by cash is available at the moment. No cheque or coucher accepted.

Ticket and season pass prices for the 2018/19 season in Szusza Ferenc Stadium
(prices in HUF)


Normal match

High-risk match

Season ticket



on the spot


on the spot

D stand

600 HUF

1.200 HUF

900 HUF

1.700 HUF

5.000 HUF

B terrace

800 HUF

1.600 HUF

1.100 HUF

2.100 HUF

13.000 HUF

A terrace

1.000 HUF

2.000 HUF

1.400 HUF

2.500 HUF

17.000 HUF

A tribune

1.200 HUF

2.400 HUF

1.500 HUF

2.900 HUF

20.000 HUF

student and retirement





200 HUF

VIP stand

10.000 HUF

12.000 HUF*

120.000 HUF

VIP inside box

200.000 HUF

300.000 HUF


VIP outside box

100.000 HUF

150.000 HUF



Who has got last year season ticket

Discounted season ticket
(because of the closed gates games)

D stand

400 HUF

B terrace

7.400 HUF

A terrace

9.200 HUF

A tribune

10.700 HUF

*except our game against Ferencvárosi TC

Sector layout




#5 Litauszki Róbert