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Puskás Akadémia Pancho Aréna, 2019. February 16. 17:00

Puskás Akadémia Pancho Aréna
2019. February 16. 17:00

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Information on Club Cards

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Club cards is an identification document based on Hungarian Sports Law, including personal identification with photo. It provides a wide area of discounts, too.

The aim of the club card is to simplify the central ticket issue operated by the Hungarian Football Federation, by issuing a card to the holder and then in exchange for card information read by the electronic system, the ticket is issued automatically, thus speeding up the ticket purchase. Provide serial number and PIN code and the rest of the information is filled in by the system automatically.

Club card is linked to individuals, it cannot be transferred between persons.

Fans are responsible for their cards and their uses.

Please, take care of your card, it contains personal data.

One fan may become club holder at one club at a time but may possess Futball card issued by the federation, as well.

Futball card and MLSZ card issued by the federation are also a form of club card.

Fans may have only one valid card at any time. If you register for another card at the club, the old card will be decommissioned.

If you are member of a club, you cannot be member of another, you have to delete your previous registration to get a new one.

Provide the following data at registration:

  • name,

  • place and date of birth,

  • mother's name (optional),

  • photo (taken at ticket office),

  • address (optional),

  • email (optional),

  • phone (optional),


Fans may decide if the information provided by them may be used for marketing purposes (see Data protection information). Club member may renounce this statement any time.

Information given during registration shall be certified and authenticated. Children under 14 are authenticated by their parents or legal caretakers.

Information displayed on the club card:

  • name,

  • place and date of birth,

  • photo,

  • serial nr. and bar code of card,

  • sometimes expiry date.


Photo is only stored on the card not in the system.

When you receive the card, you have to sign data handling policy, that is certificate of receipt at the same time. Legal representatives sign the certificates of children under 16.

Club cards have PIN codes generated from the month and day of birth date. E.g.: august 8 will be 0808. PIN may be changed here: https://klubkartya.mlsz.hu.   Members are responsible for the PIN code.

As for Újpest, cards are valid until further notice. Our club sought MLSZ to change the original validity of 3 years.

If the card is lost or stolen, and the fact of it is indicated within 3 working days, the club will deregister the old card.

If the card is damaged, new one has to be issued.

Member may decide any time that they do not want to uphold membership. If they indicate it in writing, membership will be terminated and deleted from the system immediately.

Club card does not provide access to the events, they facilitate ticket purchase that is necessary for visiting the games.

Club cards may be used at any cashiers of the clubs that are connected to the system (not just the card issuer club).

Club card can be used on the online ticket purchase surface at https://meccsjegy.mlsz.hu. For online purchases, provide PIN code, as well.

Only one ticket can be purchased for a game using club card. You may take your friend's card and purchase tickets or passes with it, but only the person whose ID card is used can use the purchased ticket at the event.

You have to present club card when making purchase at the cashier (not enough to tell its number and PIN).

Game organizer or the federation may stipulate obligatory use of club card for specific games or sectors, which does not concern foreign citizens and children under 14 exempted from ticket purchase (e.g. no specific seat is required).

Organizer may decide what sectors may require club card and the distribution (home, away, neutral for Futball card).

Organizer may decide about discounts tied to the card.

If club member decides to provide information for marketing use, the Issuer may

  • send newsletter, offers, direct marketing messages to the member as set in the data handling policy;

  • may collect information on ticket purchases to create discount policy.


Club card is used for identification but fans may be required to present other ID documents such as ID card, passport, driving licence for the access procedure.

Clubs operate separate data storage systems, independent from each other. Data handling and storage of registered persons are only carried out at the club they registered at. PIN change is done on a linked surface, but data is stored on the system of the club he or she is registered at.

Club card systems communicate through linked registry. Registry stores card number, club ID and hash code generated from personal ID, that does not include actual data on persons. If a hash is stored in the system, a new card linked to the same club cannot be issued.

Individual club card systems do not see each other, the do not directly communicate with each other.


Frequently asked questions

What is the club card for?

Club card is to make ticket purchase easier and faster. The card has a bar code that the cashier reads and ticket is printed right away.

What is the aim of the club card system?

The federation aims to simplify ticket sale, minimize pre-game queuing, enforce club compatibility with regulations, increase quality of services offered to fans.

What is the date of official introduction of the club card system?

February 23, 2015.

Are the cards issued by the supporter's home team valid for other teams' games?

Club and Futball cards allow fans to purchase tickets for all national team, cup games and matches of the first league for all teams.

How many cards can I have?


What kind of tickets can I buy with my card?

It is the responsibility of the clubs to decide whom they issue cards and to regulate in which sectors they can gain access by it. Basic rule is that club cards are valid for the home sector of the organizer's games, for away games of the same club, only away tickets can be purchased with the cards.

Can you register for the cards online?

No, it is to avoid false information printed on the cards. You have to appear at the stadium and register for the card personally.

What documents do I need?

ID card, address card or passport.

What is Futball card?

The federation has decided to issue Futball cards in addition to club cards. Content requirement for the Futball card is the same, it includes the same personal data and information as the other one. However, with this card tickets for all the top league games can be purchased- Basically you may buy tickets for the neutral sector using this card, however, the organizer club may decide to open or cluse sectors to enable to limit the access to specific stands for fans possessing Futball cards. Club and Futball cards can be possessed at the same time.


National club card system for simple ticket purchase

To facilitate individual ticket sale, the Hungarian Football Federation streamlines the club card system nationwide.

With the new sports law, visitors have to apply for individual tickets for first division league and Hungarian Cup games from 1 March 2013. Since application for the individual tickets require a lot of time, game day and on the spot sale can only be administered with considerable difficulty.

By applying and registering for the individualized club card, visitors will be asked to provide personal information only once, when their cards are printed. Cards are registered in a central management system and suited to the visual theme of the clubs. Not only the purchase but also the use of these fan cards will be fast and enjoyable.

Last year the federation made a decision that the teams of the top league have to use club card during ticket sale for league and cup games, cashiers have to check identity when guests make purchase on the spot.

Check our webpage for updated information on issue and registration dates. Application procedure: first the administrator records personal data then a photo is taken of the individual, in the last step the cards are printed and issued to the proud owner. All the information that is recorded is exclusively stored in the data bank of the club only.

As of 15 September 2014, tickets for the top division games will only be possible when visitors possess and provide supporter club cards either in the stadiums or when making the purchase online. Application is free of charge until the end of 2014, after this date registration is tied to a registration fee that is stipulated by the federation. Read below for further details.

The federation is also working on the system of Football Card, a card for neutral supporters.

This card will provide further discounts for fans and visitors of the games in Hungary. Check back from time to time to learn about club card registration details, which sectors and stands are available for ticket purchase for card holders.

The federation offers 20% discount if tickets are pre-purchased online using the club cards for two years beginning with the 2014/15 season for events organized by the federation (national team games, cup finals).

Register for the club card and make your life easier.


Futball card

Customer centre for club and Futball card. Tel: 06-30-958-5585, e-mail: futballkartya@tex.hu

Aim of the club card, which games you have to use it, from when:

As in Sports Law, ticket issue for individuals is compulsory, identity check at access to top league and cup games as well as adult male national team games. The federation makes case by case decisions on the use of club card for its own events (Hungarian Cup final, Supercup final, Liga Cup final). With the introduction of the club card system, the federation aims to facilitate speed and ease during ticket purchase and registration, as well as faster communication between fans and teams. As of 23 February 2015, club cards will be obligatory.

Who will need club cards?

If you want to visit games after the above deadline, you will need club card for ticket purchase. Cards will be obligatory at ticket purchase and even access.


Pass holders of the organizer club:

As pass holders will already have provided personal information at the time of the purchase of their pass, they won't need to possess club card for the duration of the validity of their passes. For away games, they will also need to register for club card, however.

Foreign guests:

Citizens who are not Hungarian shall not be required to register for club card, however, individual ticket purchase is required, using EU-native ID card or passport.

Children under 14:

If the organizer club exempts children under 14 to purchase ticket, they will not be required to register for club card. Clubs will post information on their won websites.

Officers, contributors:

Those who visit games as part of their jobs will not be required to possess club card. Organizer club shall be responsible to grant them access to the stadium. Personnel are:

  • press officers

  • scouts

  • trainers, coaches of other teams

  • inspectors

  • stewards

Card types:

There are two types of cards:

  • Club card

  • Futball card

Club card:

This type is card is linked to the club that issues it, each club issues a unique card that indicates the home team, the card holder's name, place and date of birth and a photo of the person. Club card can be used to purchase tickets for all the games where club card use is compulsory. The organizer club shall decide in all cases and based on security and other principles, where the fans possessing club or futball cards may take their places.

Futball card:

A special type of club card is called Futball card, which is issued by the federation to those who are not supporters of any particular club, and those who mainly visit national team games. Futball card can be used to purchase tickets for all the games where club card use is compulsory. The organizer club shall decide in all cases and based on security and other principles, where the fans possessing club or futball cards may take their places.

Card registration; price:

Cards are delivered in person due to personal and identity security. Card issuer clubs shall make sure the cards are delivered, proper communication channels are open to provide information about place and date of issue (mainly club websites).

Registration for Futball card takes place at TEX Bálna Budapest and TEX Syma Csarnok Budapest. The federation makes every effort to make sure the Futball card grants accessibility to event nationwide, refer to mlsz.hu for detailed information. Futball card is free of charge.

Ticket Express-Bálna

1093 Budapest, Fővám tér 11-12. (I. floor)
Open: every day 10-20:00

Ticket Express-SYMA

1146 Budapest, Dózsa György út 1.
Open: every day 10-20:00

In order to speed up the registration, a central pre-registration system is being installed and an online surface is being created for data input. After pre-registration, club cards can be issued on the spot with quick ID check. Some of the clubs have already started pre-registration, check with individual clubs about their routines.

One fan may register for one club and one Futball card, each of them are valid for national team games and cup games. Cards are required to include name, place and date of birth of the card holder. Data are stored in the club's system.

Registration is free of charge. Clubs may decide otherwise, please, check individual clubs for their pricing.

Use of club and Futball cards:
We call our fans' attention that card holders enjoy priority when tickets are sold. Futball card holders may take their seats in the order decided by the organizer club. In case you possess both cards, club card will determine seating.

More information:
For questions regarding club and Futball cards, please seek out the customer service below:
Phone: 06-30-958-5585
E-mail. futballkartya@tex.hu
Customer centre is open between 10:00 and 20:00.

Source: www.mlsz.hu


Information for pass holders

Pass holders are not obliged to register for club card, they are eligible for home games without club cards at the moment. Please, read the notice. As pass holders provide personal information when they register for their season passes, and the same information is displayed on the club card (name, place and date of birth), there is non-stop checking of identity information when accessing the events, therefore during the validity period of the passes, they can enter the stadium without the need to register for a club card.

Important information, pass holders have to possess club card when they would like to visit away games or national team games. When expired passes are renewed, registration for club card will be compulsory, however.




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