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#7 Simon Krisztián
Születési idő 1991. 06. 10.

Újpest FC - Budapest Honvéd
2023. január 28. 0:00

2023. január 28. 0:00


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We returned home from Kispest with one point
2022. szeptember 1. -
We ended the match with a goalless draw

The match started at a great pace, from the first minute it was clear that both teams wanted to take control of the game. The first quarter of an hour was spent with this “give and take”, with the ball played mostly in midfield, neither team really managed to push the game in front of their opponent's goal, creating only one chance per team in the penalty area. At the end of the 29th minute, Honvéd threatened from a cross, for which Banai had to make a sharp move, but the header missed the goal, so the score remained 0-0. After the attack Honvéd felt encouraged and they created several chances in front of our goal, which we managed to defend and by the end of the first half we pushed the “front line” back to the area around the halfway line. In the 40th minute, Csongi made a long-range shot, but the goalkeeper was able to block the ball, and a little later Antonov played himself inside the penalty area, where he took the shot, but the ball went just over the goal. The first half ended in a draw.


At the beginning of the second half, there was a bit of a confusion in front of our goal, where eventually the referee had to put things in order. After a quick transition it was our turn to threaten the opponent’s goal, Goure's shot just missed the target. After that, it was back to square one, with both sides trying to push the other, which led to more and more fouls. At this point, our head coach decided to interfere with the team structure and made a double substitution. Matija was replaced by Boumal and Goure by Mátyás Katona. However, the game did not change after that, remaining fragmented and irregular. Even the referee's six-minute extra time was not enough to decide the match, and the final score remained a goalless draw.


Here you can find the post-match press conference:




#7 Simon Krisztián