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#49 Pauljevic Branko
Születési idő 1989. 06. 12.

Újpest FC - Budapest Honvéd
2023. január 28. 0:00

2023. január 28. 0:00


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Confident victory against Kisvárda!
2022. október 2. -
We scored four times against our weekend opponent

As if the weather was in our favour, the rain had stopped by the start of the match and perfect "football weather" awaited the teams. Our head coach composed the starting line-up similar to the one against Vasas, with Katona, Csoboth and Szabó again in the starting XI.

The match started with a “test of strength”, meaning that the teams were testing each other’s capabilities, and there were almost no serious situations until the 20th minute. Diaby was given a yellow card in the 18th minute, followed by a free kick, but it went high over our goal. At the other end, Kevin was harshly tackled, for which Vranjanin was sanctioned with a yellow card, and we made Várda’s goalkeeper Hindrich work for the save through Csongvai from the free kick.



Csoboth was constantly putting pressure on the fullbacks of Kisvárda on the flank, making great passes forward and causing the visiting team a lot of uncomfortable moments. And the pressing paid off, in the 32nd minute Simon would have given a great pass to Csoboth, but Vranjanin, who tried to make a save, touched and deflected the ball with his left foot which sent it into the goal of Kisvárda without any chance for the keeper to block it: 1:0!

In the 37th minute it was Kevin again, who intercepted the ball with a combative spirit and a very good move and passed it to Goure, who outmuscled the two defenders and rolled the ball into the net past the sliding goalkeeper, 2:0!



Perhaps many of us were already waiting for the halftime break, the referee called one minute of extra time, which was just enough for us to score another goal! Antonov started to sprint on the flank, crossed the ball to Csoboth, who shot from the left corner of the goal area, but the ball bounced off Vranjanin, then Viktor Hej, straight to Goure, who shot it into the net from ten metres! We went into the halftime break with a three-goal lead!

The second half of the game started with a triple substitution from Kisvárda, but we didn't change, since we didn't have much reason to, Karabeljov, Makovski and Camaj came off, and were replaced by Bodhan, Vida, Lucas for the visiting team. We played calmly knowing that we had a safe lead, but the team from Kisvárda had not given up on scoring yet, so they made the game more aggressive, unfortunately literally. In the 56th minute, Kovacic fouled Csoboth very badly as the last man, for which the referee first showed a yellow card and then a red card after the VAR review, so the number 24 of the visiting side could go to the dressing room.



In the 68th minute, after an interception Antonov sprinted towards the goal and passed the ball to Simon, who shot it into the right corner making it 4:0!!!! Well done, Móci! In the 69th minute, Csoboth and Katona were taken off the pitch by head coach Milos Kruscic, replacing them with Ljujic and Lahne. The visitors also made a substitution with Navratil coming on for Asani.



We had to make another substitution due to injury, Goure landed badly after a header in the 73rd minute, and Tallo came on for him. Uneventful minutes followed, broken by our head coach with a double substitution. Simon was replaced by young Balázs Varga, while Onovo was replaced by Boumal in the 82nd minute. No more goals were scored, but during the minutes of extra time Lahme could have had a good chance, but he was tackled badly by Bence Ötvös, so he also had to leave the pitch and go to the dressing room before the final whistle.




#49 Pauljevic Branko