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#7 Simon Krisztián
Születési idő 1991. 06. 10.

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In a hard-fought game, we deserved to win against Fehérvár
2022. október 12. -
We came home from MOL Arena with three points

From the first minute, the match started off with a fight, with adaptation to each other’s system, give-and-take and plenty of chances on both sides. The most notable moment of the first half was Nikolic's great feat in the 20th minute, when he made several very good saves in the confused situation in front of goal. In the last 20 minutes of the game we played with dominating possession, but as is unfortunately the case for us lately, we had the chances, but the shots didn't find the goal, so the boys could go to the half-time break with a 0-0 score.

Neither team made any changes at half-time and the pressure continued from both sides. In the 67th minute, Heister trampled on Simon's ankle who, as a result, had to leave the pitch, and was replaced by Pauljevic. The referee sanctioned Vidi's number 55 with a yellow card, even though he applied this caution only a few times during the match, although in several cases it would have been appropriate. In the 66th minute, Csoboth was fouled by Pinto, which also resulted in a yellow card caution. In the 70th minute, Goure aimed straight towards the goal from a clear position, but Stopira crossed his way with a sliding tackle with outstretched leg, he stamped on Fernand's ankle which prevented him from shooting. The VAR did not even review the situation, although unfortunately Goure was unable to continue the game after this situation and the young striker was replaced by his compatriot Tallo. In addition to our number 17 striker, Mack was replaced by Boumal, who did a great job in midfield. Step by step we took control of the game and then Pauljevic came up with a great shot in the final part of the match, which was worth three points for us. A little later our Serbian winger also collected a yellow for flopping, but we could forgive him for that today. Vidi tried to push at the end, but we fought back and even continued to attack, however, the result didn't change after that: we left the MOL Arena with a victory.

It was not easy, but we did our best and deserved all three points.

Go Purples!





#7 Simon Krisztián