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#49 Pauljevic Branko
Születési idő 1989. 06. 12.

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We left Debrecen without any points
2022. október 16. -
Strong first half, lack of faith in the second one

Milos Kruscic made one change to the starting line-up fielded against Videoton, Goure was unable to train fully this week due to a minor injury, so Tallo took his place.

At the beginning of the first half we showed immediately that we had come to the Nagyerdei Stadium for points. We didn't have to wait long for a great opportunity, Tallo shot into an almost empty goal in the 11th minute, but the shot bounced off the post. And as usual, every missed opportunity will boomerang on you sooner or later, so despite the dominance, in the 18th minute Dzsudzsák outplayed Diaby and Onovo and put the ball into Nikolic's goal. Again the dominance continued, in the 21st minute Mack's shot was saved by Gróf, while in the 25th Csoboth's thunderbolt just missed the opponent's goal. Finally, the high pressing paid off, in the 32nd minute Krisztián Simon equalized with a wondergoal, after having taken the pass from Szabó. Tallo found the net in the 35th minute, but the goal was disallowed by VAR because of offside. A minute later, the Ivorian striker was in position to score again, but his header flew over the goal. In another situation Simon tried again, but he could not be successful. We kept our dominance until the last minutes, but at the end of the first half we went to the half-time break with a draw.


DVSC started the second half with two substitutions, Kizridis was replaced by Sós and Babunski by Bódi.



In the second minute of the second half, Csoboth made a heel pass to Tallo, who shot over the goal, and then Diaby's header was saved by Gróf with his fingertips just moments later. In the 53rd minute, Debrecen managed to break out of the pressing and Sós took advantage of the turmoil in front of goal and scored. Although the VAR reviewed the goal because one of Loki's strikers was behind Nikolic, eventually it was not disallowed. Once again we had to pursue the result. After the goal, Debrecen switched to defence and prepared for possible counterattacks. With 25 minutes to go, Dzsudzsák took a free kick and shot it straight into the hands of Nikolic. We became confused and enervated after the second goal conceded, our dominance disappeared, we had a hard time keeping the ball. Our head coach made a triple substitution in the 74th minute, with Borello replacing Szabó, Pauljevic replacing Simon and Ljujic replacing Katona. The substitutions didn't bring the right refreshment either, in the 77th minute the red and white team scored another goal, this time Varga found the net. First Tallo and then Pauljevic tried in vain, but the Kecskemét scenario played out again. Goure was also given a chance to enter the field in the 89th minute. Baráth took advantage of our opened defence in the last minutes to set the final score.

We left Debrecen without any points.




#49 Pauljevic Branko